Saturday, January 28, 2012

To Blog or not to Blog

My name is Katy. I live on the water in rural Alaska. I do not home school my children. They are boated across the Tongass Narrows everyday into Ketchikan. My kids attend public school.

I live a strange and different life. Most people upon meeting me ask a ton of questions; How do you get to town everyday? What do you do with your trash? Where does your water come from? What elevation is your  house at? Are there days you can't go into town?  Where do you get your wood from? How do you do it? People are immediately interested. So... maybe I should write a blog.

I have always felt that writing is very personal. That it is for my eyes only. An opening into my soul that I don't want others to have access to. I wrote a journal from the time I was 12 until I married my husband. My mother always warned me, "If you write it down, people can read it." So of course I would never write a blog. Then the whole world could read it.

I have come across Blogs here and there upon my wanderings in the web. They remind me of news letters. Blogs will follow themes, have written articles with beautiful pictures and even advertisements. Some Blogs are advertisements themselves, they are a great marketing tool, leading people to retail shops. Some Blogs teach you things, with step by step demonstrations. Some Blogs are political, encouraging comments and debate. While others are merely a way to share photos with the family. All Blogs are paperless. Blogs are a forum for sharing. It is a free, paperless forum.

My children write, they write beautifully. I always think Wow, I am so glad they wrote their stories down.  I love reading them. I love sharing their stories. That's when it occurs to me...That is why we write, to share. To share the news, recipes, self- help, love, revolution, escape. I am sitting at the library encircled by the written word. On my lap top, I am reading. Newspapers, periodicals, reference materials, signs, fiction, non-fiction, It surrounds me. We crave information and it pushes us to be better...better gardeners, better cooks, better at finance...better  people. We use words to escape from our lives, take us to another place if only for an hour, a day.  So, yes it would be great to share my story in a blog. It would be my magazine. My free, paperless news letter. My opinion.  I would be in control of the pictures the articles, possibly even the advertisements. Ohhh,  I like that! I should definitely write a Blog!

I am not a writer by trade, I actually have a bachelors degree in child development.  I do like to write. I find it cathartic. When there is something that comes to my mind I write it down, It is hard for me to focus on anything else until it's out.  But then what?  Do I share it?  It is intimidating, the idea of putting it out there on the web.  People will judge what I do and how I write about it. I make spelling errors. What am I afraid of... ? That no one will read it... actually that people will read it and not like it. I could never write a Blog! Nope.

I will use prose and pictures that capture my intention, in a way that invites people into my world of predicaments.  I will be able to write friendly so someone would feel as tho they were sitting down drinking coffee with me, sharing ideas. I am not a journalist, but I do have a lot of opinions. So, there is something I want to share with the world. Something only I can share. My Life. My Opinions. Is it interesting? I think so... Yes, I will certainly write a Blog!

Now that I know I am committing to the idea, Who am I writing for? Is it a Blog for Moms? Yes. No. Maybe? I am a Mom. I am a Mother of three. Everything will be written from my perspective, a mother's perspective. Will it be sappy and all about my beautiful I don't think so. They are a huge part of everyday, but they live and breathe in this town too, they have their own privacy needs. I will do my best to respect that.

I am also a consumer. It will be a blog for consumers, about products.  I use products every day. I feel very strongly that everything you purchase is a vote. It is a vote to keep making it, that it is a useful and desired product. Purchases should be made with thought. Yes.  I  hope to share good reviews of things I personally have discovered, enjoy using, and feel are worth the purchase.

I Love to cook! The Blog will be for cooks and all about cooking....  I will always share wonderful recipes. I promise I won't share any of the bad ones. I am always thinking and growing and learning about nutrition, health and food.  It is a subject I love. I love to eat. I love to be healthy. It is a journey we are all on.

It will also be about this house. It is a huge project. We are re-doing it. This blog will be about drywall, mud, and paint, insulation and tile, bathroom fixtures and boardwalks, ramps and appliances. How do we move a gigantic Wolf stove in and out of the house? Stay tuned and you will see pictures and hear the story.

It will be about my perspective of the predicaments we get into living life here on Pennock Island.

So who is my audience? Anyone who is wondering what it would be like to live on the water, in the weather, in rural Alaska.  Anyone who is craving a little vicarious adventure. The adventure of boating my kids to school and back everyday. Heating our home with a wood stove.  The adventure of living outside a small community of 14,000 that considers itself the 5th largest city in the State. The adventure of having a committed, loving relationship with a man who is only here half the time. The adventure of trying to start my own business, run a house hold, make friends, keep friends, live on a budget, fish. The adventure of raising 3 intelligent children without television.

Will I write a Blog? Yes, yes I will. Why? Because life is a growing, changing, process and this is a way to chronicle that process, that life, my life.  To share...with others, the exploits, the mishaps, the love, the laughter! It is a wonderful way to break down stereotypes, and open minds to the wonder of something different, to the realization of something that is the same. Because it is easy. I am amazed by the process of a Blog. It is so easy, all you need is a computer, access to the Internet, and a good name.  We are so fortunate to live in the age of technology, this age of information.  It is literally at our finger tips. Because I need validation. Yes all admit it.  I am on this planet, making these choices, living this life, I want my experience validated. Some people might argue that my children are proof of the choices I have made.  But no, I disagree. Each of my children are their own, individuals. They have their own story to tell, their own perspective and it is not mine. It is vulnerable to share, to open myself up to the world.  but I want people to know what it's like.

It was fun picking out the name. I like the name. There were soo many possibilities.  Pennock Island is where I live. Predicament is defined by Webster as a condition, or stateespecially : a difficult, perplexing, or trying situation. Which is what we are constantly in. A trying situation. 

Thank you for reading my first entry. Hopefully you will embark with me on my Blog experience. Read, enjoy, comment, hopefully laugh, and return and take part in this pennockpredicament. 

Our House on Pennock Island 2010

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  1. You are a pioneer and in the best years of your life! I enjoy you. :)