Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chaos to Stillness upon opening my eyes

This morning I lay awake in bed. My eyes pressed closed. I am thinking maybe, just maybe I can eek a few more minutes out of my dream. It is Saturday after all. I don't have to get up at a certain time; I am aloud to be still in bed, pretending I am asleep. 

Last night I had told myself I would wake early and finish the taxes before anyone else woke up. Before the day "started." I am almost finished; it shouldn't take too much longer, IF I am not interrupted. Then, I will reward myself with a walk. Maybe even a shower. That would be nice. I even imagined my husband all happy and smiles. Yes. That was my downfall.  Planning my morning like that. Thoughts of taxes ebbed into my subconscious thought and disturbed my slumber. 

As I lay there snuggled down deep other thoughts....more urgent reminders of to do lists come to mind...    Birthday parties, today!  And Tomorrow! I am not prepared! I need to focus.... Maybe I should just forget the taxes until Monday. Valentines is coming too. How many days do I have left 3! Well...oh yes there is another Birthday! Jeez how many birthdays this week, 3, am I forgetting anyone? No. But, I should write those Thank you notes in the Valentines that is a good idea, an efficient way to multi-task. Yes, that's good. It's too late to do home made Valentines, I'll have to buy some today, I promised myself I wouldn't do that this year, Oh well. Feel good about the Thank you cards that is good.... wait there is that house project! When am I going to be able to finish that? I have to get that under control.  There are piles of stuff everywhere. I just need to get rid of the piles then I could focus. Taxes first, then House project, (flip to right side, squeeze eyes tighter, snuggle down deeper, clear head, clear head, relax, go back to sleep, escape for just a few more minutes! Where did that dream go?) OK, Birthdays first, then Taxes, Valentines, and then house project. The house project can is my least priority. I just can’t start anything else until that is done. Oh, I need to grocery shop for Birthday dinners and Valentines, I'll do that while I birthday shop today. When am I going to go shopping? Uggh! Who am I kidding I have been laying here over an hour, I am not going back to sleep. I slide quietly out of bed. This is what greets me out my bedroom window.

Lookin South

Looking North
The quiet Stillness of the water calms my Chaotic thoughts. My mind is averted to my surroundings. 


  1. Lovely. Sometimes life feels like a constant triage, with the most immediate frequently knocked to the top by some unforeseen circumstance (recently in my life, it was a dog bath...way down the list, moved to the top after a canine encounter with a skunk).

    Beautiful photos. And I think you're way ahead of the game with the taxes. Birthdays are a priority, along with looking out the window.

  2. Beautiful, please share more and with more pictures too. :)