Monday, February 20, 2012

Preparing to Purge!

Preparing to purge!

We have all done it...Picked up that magazine that tells us how to simplify our lives. Read the advice. Daydreamed about that perfect closet that has everything neatly organized. Wondered how we could be one of those people that are used as an example and gets decluttered by the professionals.

I have been doing this a lot lately, reading those magazine articles on living simply, and minimalism.

This is my current predicament.  I have stacks of this and
piles of that. Where does it go? How do I deal with it? Surly others must have this same problem, hence all those articles dedicated to solving this one issue. What to do with all the crap? The last thing I want to do is compartmentalize it into more plastic storage containers. Their solutions don’t fix my problem.

As I type and think, type and think, I realize writing this post is a last ditch effort of procrastination.  I will tweak this though and instead use the word accountability. Writing this post, explaining my actions, will hold me accountable for this process. This blog will force me to tackle my problem head on.

I must say, this is such a huge subject for me personally. It reaches down to the core of my soul, agitating it with emotions and facts, until I am a confused pitiful mass of wet laundry. My creativity suffocates under the weight of it. I cannot leave my soul cowering, wet and soggy just to get mildewed, and have to go through the whole agitating process again. I must cram all that weight into the dryer; add comedy and satire to lighten the load. But where will I put it when it comes out light and fluffy and folded neatly? Where? Back in the laundry basket to get rumpled by children looking for clean underwear? On top of my dresser, because the drawers are full. In a plastic box, wrapped in acid free paper, labeled neatly, and shoved into the Attic? Maybe a cute wicker basket perched atop the printer?

Yes, I am overwhelmed. This touches on guilt, and sentiment, latent environmentalism, definitions of family, love, and together time, responsibility at its finest. Accountability for our behavior is the lesson I try to keep in mind.  Why am I doing this? I have to explain it to each one of my children, my parents, my husband, my friends, the World Wide Web, and now myself.

What is it that we need to be truly happy? How many possessions do we really need to feel successful? What are we obligated to keep for posterity?  These are age-old questions; I am not the first to ask them.

No this is much too LARGE a topic for one blog post. So, I am doing a segmented series. 

Please join me, for this is my crazy journey. Have a peep see into the consciousness of Katy. I would have the same problem no matter where I lived. But living here makes it a little more complicated. Here meaning Pennock Island of course. Also, though, here meaning Ketchikan, here meaning Alaska, most certainly here meaning The United States of America, but also when your brain is like mine, it is also meaning here on this Planet. 

This will be a comprehensive explanation as to the how and why I make most of the decisions I do every day. I am not perfect; you will see how much of a hypocrite I am. How I struggle with the concept of freedom and responsibility. I think most people should ponder all of these things as I do, maybe everyone else does it more than I do.  (Those are the feelings of inadequacy that feed the feelings of guilt.) Maybe though, other issues such as health, or safety, overwhelm them too much.

Which brings me full circle to... “How lucky! How truly ever so lucky of a ducky, I am!” (Borrowed from a favorite, Dr. Seuss) I am living here on this fine planet. I have all of my basic needs covered; shelter, love, safety, and health.  I am so lucky I can dwell on my petty issues of garbage and guilt. I hope, with all my heart, truly, truly we can all be so lucky. Then maybe, just maybe our issues of guilt and garbage can disappear, and our souls can dance freely in open spaces, and not be balanced on top of a pile of junk.


  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

    Oh, man, this was me last year. Remember when I was living basically out of my car for six months? Everything had to be put into my car when I was moving out of a place and then into whatever residence I would be at and then back out.... I began to think about all the stuff I wasn't using that I had just brought with me because I figured, "Well, if it's the only stuff I have, then it MUST be used!" Ha! Nope. Thus began my purging, which is still happening to this day!

    It is going to seem overwhelming at first. This is true. All I can say is that it takes time to go through things and to go through memories. The term "baby steps" really does apply here when one is about to purge for the first time! I can only applaud you for realizing that you have too much stuff and wanting to do something about it. It's really eye-opening when you get to the point you're at. So many people feel like it's hopeless, so I'm so happy you're at the point where you actually want to do something about it! I read several different minimalism blogs and could give a few recommendations if you need some backup. You can do it!

  2. Thanks Brittany! Baby steps is good advice. I am taking some books today to the "Friends of the Library" book sale rack, just to get started. Also, one box of very nice children's books is being taken to Women in Safe Homes. Wish me luck and stay tunned.